Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Season for Temptation-Theresa Romain

Season for Temptation
Theresa Romain
Zebra, Oct 4 2011, $6.99
ISBN: 9781420118957

In 1817 Lord Oliver approves of James Matison’s suit of the former’s daughter Louisa. James arrives in Kent to meet Louisa’s family when he hears a women curse. He thinks Louisa’s half-sister Julia is impulsive and cute. She introduces him to her three younger sisters and brother while she eats the better snacks.

James and Louisa met in a library at a party. She was hiding amidst the books as she loves to read while he sought a bathroom. He feels awkward as he now realizes he is attracted to her sister and enjoys the impish play between his fiancée and Julia. Louisa’s parents arrive after a calf is born. Dinner proves as lively; reminding him of his mother’s need for no scandal since his late brother-in-law died in his mistress’ arms. James feels welcomed. The next morning he is late for breakfast, but Julia sees he has a nice meal while he coaxes her to join him, which she does. Feeling distraught as he wants to kiss Julia, he asks Louisa to set a date. She acts skittish trying to delay him while also backing away from his attempt to kiss her. Louisa explains she will come to London with Julia being sponsored by their Aunt Estella. They will wed after that; he agrees though his attraction is to her sister.

A strong unique cast, especially Julia’s eccentric family, anchors this engaging romantic triangle between the two sisters and the Viscount. Each adores and respects one another, which adds depth as not one of them deserves to be hurt. In fact James’s mom is the villain, but comes across as inane and selfish while causing unnecessary conflict to an otherwise wonderful fresh Regency romance.

Harriet Klausner

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