Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Night In London: The Truth About the Duke-Caroline Linden

One Night In London: The Truth About the Duke
Caroline Linden
Avon, Aug 30 2011, $7.99
ISBN: 9780062025326

Affluent widow Francesca Gordon desperately needs to gain custody of her orphaned niece Georgina from her wicked stepmother. She goes to hire the most highly regarded solicitor, but is too late as the Lord Edward de Lacey has retained the man to defend the inheritance of him and his brothers as a rumor spreads that they may not be the legitimate heirs.

Thus Francesca and Edward meet at the solicitor’s office. She offers the aristocrat a deal he accepts. She will counter the gossip in exchange for his support of her effort to legally raise Georgina. As they work together, they fall in love though she is passionate heat and he is cool logic.

Starting with the fresh first encounter, the lead couple makes One Night In London an enjoyable historical reading experience. Fast-paced throughout although the two legal cases never quite sustain their early momentum, fans will enjoy the lead couple as each feels their issue takes precedent over the other’s so that love may not be enough to cement their relationship once the legal matters are done. With two brothers to follow to the delight of Regency fans, Caroline Linden provides an engaging nineteenth century legal romance.


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