Monday, November 8, 2010

If Wishes Were Horses-Robert Barclay

If Wishes Were Horses
Robert Barclay
Morrow, Jan 25 2011, $21.99
ISBN: 9780061966880

In Boca Raton Wyatt Blaine asks his wife Krista to buy ice cream for his thirty fifth birthday party celebrated at the ranch of his septuagenarian widow father Ramsey. Soon afterward his brother Morgan informs Wyatt his wife and their son Danny died in a car crash caused by the other driver Jason Powers drunk driving who died leaving behind a widow Gabrielle and a seven years old son Trevor.

Five years later, Gabby and Trevor attend the St. Andrews Episcopal Church, which Wyatt goes to also. To honor Krista, he informs Reverend James Jacobson that he plans to bring back her successful horse therapy New Beginnings Program. James is extremely happy about the program and Wyatt is showing some signs of moving on, but is worried about his reaction when he learns Gabby has signed up troubled Trevor who has failed to move on since his beloved dad died. He blames Krista for his father’s death in spite of his mom’s efforts to get him to accept the truth. James introduces Gabby to Wyatt, who is irate with the joke. Gabby pleads with him that Trevor needs help that she cannot afford and James reminded him Krista never said no. Wyatt angrily agrees. Gabby realizes that her son and Wyatt are similar. Trevor blames Krista and Wyatt blames Gabby. At the ranch, it is obvious to everyone especially Ramsey that the adults are attracted to one another and her son troubled though happy with the horses, but the deadly car crash keeps them divided.

The lead couple is a dynamic pairing of star-crossed lovers who share the same tragedy while the support cast is strong enhancing the understanding of the lead couple. Although the psychological horse therapy aspects are not developed very deeply, readers will enjoy the Robert Barclay’s engaging tale.

Harriet Klausner

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