Monday, November 1, 2010

His Christmas Pleasure-Cathy Maxwell

His Christmas Pleasure
Cathy Maxwell
Avon, Nov 30 2010, $7.99
ISBN: 9780061772061

In 1810 London at the Duke of Banfield’s gala in which his daughter Corrine will announce her engagement, Andres Ramigio hides in the library to avoid Lady Carla Dobbins who will not leave him alone. As he reflects on his lonely life as an illegitimate son and on his father’s suicide, he studies a dueling pistol that he knows is empty and points it at his head. Abby Montrose enters the room, sees the pistol, and tackles Andres. She thinks he was going to kill himself, but he insists otherwise. Lord Freddie enters to explain to Abby he will wed her cousin Corrine though he swears he loves her. Freddie explains his dad prefers the bride’s father be a duke not a banker. Andres dances with Abby. Carla shouts at Andres calling Abby an ugly slut. She slaps him and leaves hysterically. Abby also slaps him and runs to her parents.

Her dad Banker tells Abby she will wed twice widower Lord Villier, who has thirteen kids. Carla’s husband cuts a deal with Andres. If he leaves London forever he will own Stonemoor Manor in Northumberland. Andres accepts the terms. He tells Abby he has property but needs a wealthy wife. She agrees to wed him to avoid Villier and make Freddie jealous. They elope, but their troubles begin when they arrive at his new estate.

The lead couple is a wonderful pairing of two people wanting to be loved. The support cast enhances, but not all positively, the relationship between the protagonists. Although Abby has a phobia re horse-riding and has not been on one in over a decade, she rides one as if she is a professional during a key scene. Still readers will enjoy this strong Regency romance as two people seeking love find love with each other

Harriet Klausner

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