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The Notebooks of Madame B: Ecstasy-Madame B

The Notebooks of Madame B: Ecstasy
Madame B
Tarcher (Penguin), Jan 2010, $12.95
ISBN: 9781585427734

“Hard Hat". She dressed to excite one particular hard hat as walked pastd him daily until her wet dreams re his hard on become wet reality.

"Model Misbehavior". In Milan fashion model Anna and rock star Joey make orgasmic public photos.

"Toy Story”. The two female roommates borrowed from one another, but learn it is more fun to share sex.

"Bossy". The new boss Hugh intimated the staff until he confronted Donna with the choice of firing competent people; instead she ties the dominator into her submissive.

“The Car-Ma Sutra. The couple has followed the tabloid pictures of celebs making it in public; so they decide to star in their own public showing.

"Steaming". Stressed, Helen meets another woman over a taxi duel in which they share the cab and a secret about a special massage parlor that relaxes the entire body through satiating arousal therapy.

"A Working Girl". Kerry knows the hard way that a personnel assistant salary without a rich daddy is not a way to eat in Manhattan, but supplementing the income as an escort is if she passes the sexual interview with Mark.

“Ash”. Nina likes her toys to be skinny so she can dictate their all nighter as these males are weak yet have incredible stamina; that is until she picks up six foot plus Ash who teaches her a lesson in “dick-less” sex.

"All Tomorrow's Parties". Eighteen year old Charlie-girl came to London to dance, but also meets David the artist who seeks a muse to inspire his inner inferno.

"Water Baby". It has been years since the tribe attended college, but now get together for Sheila’s thirtieth birthday where Greg surprised her by teaching her tricks with liquids that only a consummate thirst quencher can.

These are ten more not so subtle sexual encounters of the various kind. Madame B tantalizes the imagination of readers who need their significant other (or a dildo) handy.

Harriet Klausner

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