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The Notebooks Of Madame B: Desire-Madame B

The Notebooks Of Madame B: Desire
Madame B
Tarcher (Penguin), Jan 2010, $12.95
ISBN: 9781585427710

"Midas". Mark travels a lot for his work so he and his wife use cyber sex to enjoy pleasurable lovemaking.

"Hire Love". Wealthy Hannah is used to being in control, but her paid escort hired over the Internet Olivier takes charge leading to a freebie on the house.

"Sucker Punch". For a decade starting when she was sixteen, Carrie showed up at all his fights, but never introduced herself until now when he suffered a bad loss; however this time she meets him in person and one thing leads to another.

"Always the Bridesmaid". Bridesmaid Sammy and bride Polly share the hotel room the night before the wedding, but soon share a more fascinating frolic.

"The Mistress's Apprentice". Tina the cleaner takes a job with Charlotte’s special adult house of pleasure and pain, but proves a natural dominatrix as Howie the submissive learns begging her for release.

"The Hitcher". Alice and Paul give a ride to Jim the college age hitchhiker who soon gives the couple the ride of their lives.

"The Diagnosis". At the party Dr. Jay and RN Leila play an adult version of doctors and nurses.

"Window-Shopping". At the designer furniture store where she works, Bethany and Max put on a lively public window display.

"El Ritmo De La Noche”. In Spain, tourists Lara and Helen meet men with the former going off with Paco and the latter coming with her young dancing partner.

"Going, Going, Gone". During the day Abigail is a dominating businesswoman; at night she offers herself as a submissive to the highest bidder.

The second set of ten erotic confessional short shorts (see Seduction) consists of fun heated quickies that run the gamut of the genre while each stimulates the enthralled reader.

Harriet Klausner

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