Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Night With You-Francis Ray

One Night With You
Francis Ray
St. Martin’s, Nov 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9780312365066

Thanks to a mutual friend Ruth Grayson, Raven LaBlanc arrives at Duncan McBride’s Montana ranch with an opportunity to look at the Native American cave drawings found on his spread. Obsessive with achieving her goal of tenure in Santa Fe, Raven makes it clear she is in Big Sky Country to research the cave dwellings and no more.

However Duncan makes it even more clear that he will allow her to conduct her research, but needs the details like the location kept secret because he does not want a flood of academia and tourists; she is here as a favor to Ruth. Raven and Duncan are stunned by their immediate attraction; neither welcomes it. However, a developer with an attorney at the front has ideas for the land that ignore Duncan’s desire to keep his ranch as a ranch.

Although obviously intended for the Grayson extended family fans, readers will enjoy Ruth the matchmaker’s latest connection as she selects a bride for the oldest McBride brother just like she did his siblings (see One Night With You and Dreaming of You). The story line is old fashioned contemporary fun as the archeologist and the rancher fall in love, but the cave paintings stand in their way. Readers will enjoy the Grayson’s Friends tale as Ruth (and Francis Ray) scores a hat trick with the McBride siblings.

Harriet Klausner

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