Friday, November 6, 2009

Dating Outside Your DNA-Karen Kelley

Dating Outside Your DNA
Karen Kelley
Kensington Brava, Dec 2009, $14.00
ISBN 9780758225764

While recuperating from an on the job leg injury that keeps him from galactic field work, special agent Roan Hendrix trains tyro operatives. He detests having to work with Nerakians, but the stipulation for his return to space is mentoring half-Nerakian Lyraka. Deciding field work is more important than his detesting the aliens, he agrees.

Lyraka hates humans so prefers not to be trained by one of them. However, if she wants field work she will accept Roan as her instructor which she does as becoming an operative means more to her than her destesting his species.

Both are stunned when their animosity turns to attraction. However Lyraka fears her Nerakian sex drive will injure the soft himan she wants so decides to keep her libido in check, which drives Roan crazy with desire. Sadist Prince Banyon of Rovertia sees Lyraka as an opportunity to avenge the scar on his face that her mom etched on him when she said no. He abducts Lyraka leading to Roan and his unit giving chase to rescue her.

This is a faster than the speed of light scicne fiction roamnce starring two beloved enemies and a nasty villain. The story line is straightforward with a projectory that is obvious, but no one will care as Roan returns to active duty to rescue the half human he loves. With a gender sexual twist as the female heroine fears her Nerakian sex drive will physiclaly overpower her loved one, fans will enjoy being lost in space in the Kelley uivorse (see CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF A SEXY KIND and The Bad Boys Guide To The Galaxy).

Harriet Klausner

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