Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hex in High Heels-Linda Wisdom

Hex in High Heels
Linda Wisdom
Sourcebook, Oct 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9781402218194

Blair Fitzpatrick is young, independent and pretty who is a boda fide powerful witch, whose specialty is creating hexes. Carpenter Jake Harrison appeals to Blair on many levels, but the loner took a long time before telling her he was a Were. He never mentions his former pack and always keeps his distance from people. Bair knows he is interested in her as she is with him.

Jake’s former pack comes to town looking to buy land from Blair; this would let them be in his backyard with his brother Roan as the alpha. She refuses to sell even as she sees Jake’s mom Vera and Roan despise him. They are irate that he changes into a mere canine while everyone else becomes a wolf. Vera wants her son dead, but Jake has allies including Blair who have his back from the alpha female leader of the pack.

The latest hexing romantic urban fantasy (see 50 WAYS TO HEX YOUR LOVER and HEX APPEAL) is a fabulous entry with a wonderfully ironic twist as Vera seeks to purchase a reverse spell from Blair to use against her son. There is plenty of action as mother and son confront one another, but HEX IN HIGH HEELS is character driven as the audience sees deep inside the pack and their thoughts and musing, know how Jake feels with his brood in town, and of course there is the bewitching heroine who will put a hex on those who fail to read her escapades.

Harriet Klausner

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