Monday, October 5, 2009

Cody-Kimberly Raye

Kimberly Raye
Harlequin Blaze Oct 2009, $4.99
ISBN: 9780373795000

Bull rider Cody Braddock became a vampire just after the Civil War when he and his brothers returned from the hostilities to their Texas home to find their family dead. Cody notices to his shock in the paper the picture of the face that has haunted him for over a century. The man who murdered his family apparently is alive and well running Skull Creek Choppers. Cody plans to kill him.

Miranda Rivers is looking for one last orgasmic with a capital O fling before marrying. She meets vengeful vampire Cody, who grows stronger with the sexual satiation of the women he has sex with. He has never felt that same satisfaction until now.

The second Skull Creek, Texas vampire romance (see “Once Upon a Bite” in Blazing Bedtime Stories anthology) is a super tale due to fully developed lead characters and the solid support cast. The story line is fast-paced but totally driven by the relationship between the cowboy vampire and the mortal who owns his soul and heart (and another body part). Fans will root for this pair to make it, but can Cody move past vengeance to love after surviving for well over a century on the former.

Harriet Klausner

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