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Magical Kisses: A Jewels of the Quill St. Valentine’s Day Anthology

Magical Kisses: A Jewels of the Quill St. Valentine’s Day Anthology
Carrie S. Masek, Dee Lloyd, Nancy Pirri, Jane Toombs, Karen Woods and Karen Wiesner
Whiskey Creek, Feb 2009, $14.95
ISBN: 9781603135207

"Magic Kisses" by Carrie S. Masek. In his dumpy apartment, Brett’s neighbor Eliza sets him on blind dates while she also wonders if she will be the one to share his magical kisses on Valentine’s Day. A charmer.

"Telephone Tag Winner" by Dee Lloyd. Humiliated into accepting a blind date on Valentine’s Day, Ryan ends up in the hospital after a car accident instead of with her date. She leaves a message on his cell phone; only it is the wrong number that turns out to be right person when Ryan who received the message visits her. Amusing

"Winning Sylvia's Heart," by Nancy Pirri. When Sylvia’s fiancé Tom fails her again, she ends their engagement. Her friend Jack believes Tom is an idiot because if Sylvia was his girl ….A special story.

"The Third Kiss" by Jane Toombs. As a child her grandma told her the third kiss is magical. When Gail was twelve Augie on a dare kissed her; after graduation, Augie gave her a goodbye peck. Now thirty-five, she has no hope for love, but Augie plans to claim the third kiss. Poignant

"Atop a Wedding Cake by Karen Woods. When her spouse died sixteen years ago, single mom Cathy raised six children; five have left the nest. Now the baker’s youngest child is getting married, but instead of the groom’s face on the cake, she Freudian slips the father Trey "Atop a Wedding Cake". Very funny

"In Cahoots With Cupid" by Karen Wiesner. Kaleidoscope Office Services owner Angela always has cared about others, but rejected the one man who brought her to a fever pitch because he was five years younger. Attending a wedding as the Maid of Honor in which Kiowa is the best man, he plans to finally win her heart. Very moving

These are six entertaining often amusing contemporary romances starring charming lead characters as each author exceeds the high expectations of the Jewels of the Quill (see CHRISTMAS WISHES) and Valentine's Day.

Harriet Klausner

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