Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby In Her Arms-Stella MacLean

Baby In Her Arms
Stella MacLean
Harlequin SuperRomance, Mar 2009, $5.50
ISBN: 9780373715534

Over one year ago, the love of her life Andrew died, Emily Martin still grieves her loss. Still with her adult children in need starting with her daughter Zara giving birth to her grandchild, the widow is kept occupied though feeling scatterbrained at times.

She finds solace in the letters Andrew wrote her before he died. She also finds their good neighbor Sam Bannister comforting too. Soon after she becomes a grandmother, Emily and Sam fall in love, as she realizes her children are doing okay and do not need her to live their lives.

This engaging romance is a warm entertaining contemporary with a strong cast. Emily and Sam are likable protagonists who fall in love at a time neither feels right due to the ghost that ties them together. Although dead for over a year, Andrew is a complete character as readers get to know him indirectly through his letters to his beloved wife and through the memories of her and Sam, and somewhat her children. Although her adult children ignore their mom’s needs, Stella MacLean provides an interesting character driven second chance at love.

Harriet Klausner

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