Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Dangerous to Desire-Alexandra Benedict

Too Dangerous to Desire
Alexandra Benedict
Avon, Aug 2008, $5.99
ISBN: 9780061170478

In 1819 as they come home from Italy at the request of his mom, while at sea on the Hercules, pirates led by Black Hawk steal Adam Westmore’s wedding present watch from his wife Teresa. Not long afterward a storm hits the ship. Adam leaves Teresa in the cabin while he investigates the damage. He is knocked overboard while the ship turns into an inferno. His beloved Teresa is dead and he blames his wastrel brother the Duke of Rogues Damien for they were coming home due to his depravities.

In 1825 Adam lives in an isolated home rejecting his family. He sees a woman jump off a cliff and rescues her. Evelyn awakens in fear as she trusts no man as all are selfish and cruel like her father who sold her sister Ella to pay gambling debts and like her brother in law who killed her sister Ella.

Adam explains he lives by the sea to be near his late wife. Evie tells him her sister is dead, but that her dad sold her this time to “Him” as she fearfully in scorn calls her vicious brother-in-law, Prince Vadik. Adam vows to keep her safe from “Him”. As they fall in love, he learns how complex meeting pledges truly are.

The lead couple are interesting protagonists with both carrying baggage as they fall in love. Adding to the fun of this angst-laden Regency romance is the return of the stars of TOO GREAT A TEMPTATION in key support roles as the estranged brothers struggle to reconcile. The irony re Black Hawk is a great twist although the final confrontation seems a bit watered down after all that occurred. Fans will fully appreciate Alexandra Benedict’s exhilarating character driven historical romance.

Harriet Klausner

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