Monday, July 7, 2008

The Accidental Demon Slayer-Angie Fox

The Accidental Demon Slayer
Angie Fox
Love Spell, Aug 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780505527691

Adopted as a child, Happy Hands Preschool teacher Lizzie Brown lived the normal American life until the day she turns thirty years old. That is the day an older woman wearing a “Kiss My Asphalt” T-shirt and driving a pink Harley arrived at her Atlanta home. The woman who called her the day before claims she is her biological grandmother and that her coven is on the run. The tattooed stranger Gertie insists they need Lizzie, a genetic demon slaying witch, whose powers are about to erupt like Old Faithful; counting down the final seconds like a space mission as Lizzie becomes the Exalted Demon Slayer of Dalea. Fearing more for her Jack Russell and her floor as Pirate senses trouble, Lizzie assumes she let a nut in her home until she goes to the bathroom. Sitting on her throne is an ugly demon.

To her shock Pirate not only adapts quite well, he becomes an eloquent English speaking terrier. With grandma and her dog at her side, Lizzie flees before all hell breaks loose. Joining the trio on the lam, as she learns to use her sudden bewitching skills is her self-proclaimed protector shapeshifting first class hunk (in human form) griffin Dimitri Kallinikos.

From the moment that Gertie meets Lizzie, the atmosphere in Atlanta changes as she brings with her eccentricity, humor, and an odd mentoring as she claims Lizzie is the next generation in the DNA demon slaying pool. She also brings her coven and a horde of demons with her who all shares an identical focus for varying purposes: Lizzie. This sudden invasion turns Lizzie dizzy as her chick lit perspective provides urban fantasy fans with a frightening yet courageous superhero; fans will know one thing as Lizzie kicks demon butt: she has Grandma’s warped sense of humor. Somewhat on the surface similar to Julie Kenner’s demon slaying soccer mom, Angie Fox provides her bewitching spin with her preschool teacher.

Harriet Klausner

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