Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Magic in His Kiss-Shari Anton

Magic in His Kiss
Shari Anton
Forever, Jul 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 0446617563

King Stephen has kept his ward Nicole de Leon locked away at Bedloe Abbey for eight years waiting for the right deal to make. In 1153 the monarch decides the time is right for Nicole to marry a Welsh noble in order to tighten his rule.

Frustrated with the king’s misuse of his niece and having his own ambitious plans for her, Nicole's uncle arranges for her kidnapping. He asks Rhodri ap Dafydd to perform the abduction, but the warrior bard looks forward to competing for the Bard of Wales contest and wants no part of being caught between his liege lord and the king. Still he has little choice in the matter. However, Rhodri finds himself attracted to the outspoken brave psychic, but does nothing about his feelings as she is an aristocrat and he a commoner except risking his life to keep her safe.

The third magical medieval romance (see MIDNIGHT MAGIC and TWILIGHT MAGIC) is a strong tale of love. The heroine is a political pawn the King uses to strengthen his rule; she serves no other purpose to the monarch or any of those in power. However, the Bard is the more fascinating protagonist as he is a fighter who hates fighting and would rather write poetic music, play the harp and sing. Although Nicole is the psychic, Rhodi makes the tale sing as the loving magic is in the music and the music is in him (paraphrasing the Lovin’ Spoonful).

Harriet Klausner

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