Monday, June 9, 2008

Hidden-Eve Kenin

Eve Kenin
Dorchester Shomi, Jul 2008, $6.99
ISBN: ISBN:050-527618

In 2093 in the sub zero Northern Wastelands Like her siblings Wizard and Yuriko Tatiana is a special person due to her incredible genetic skills. However, she has not sat on her potential; pushed beyond endurance by Duncan Bane she has honed herself into a super person reading minds and using a quick chop of her hand which can slice off a limb. However, it is her mind that makes her unique as nothing disturbs her.

Nothing disturbs her in the slightest until now when she meets Tristan; her sixth sense tells her to kill him so there is no doubt whether he is her enemy or not; however, her body betrays her for the first time as she knows he has the power to make her heart beat out of control. Neither has time to explore their attraction. They are trapped in an isolated deep underground lab stalked by a maniac who plans to release a plague on humanity as the culprit has on Tatiana and Tristan. Time is running out for them to escape, but both fears that if they leave the compound they might prove to be pandemic carriers.

High octane from the moment the audience joins Tatiana in the late twenty-first century in Port Uranium and five years later in the Northern Waste (graphic geography in a few concise words). Tatiana is a tough kick butt heroine and readers will wonder whose side the enigmatic Tristan is on as well as how he knows about Little League. However, the paradox facing the lead couple makes this superb futuristic science fiction so worth reading. Each wonders what to do trapped underground in a wasteland in which they doubt they can ever leave.

Harriet Klausner

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