Monday, May 12, 2008

Seven Nights of Sin-Lacey Alexander

Seven Nights of Sin
Lacey Alexander
Berkley Heat, Apr 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780451223142

Only three years passed since she moved from Centerville, Ohio to Los Angeles. Brenna Cayton has mixed feelings when her boss Carl Jenkins informs her he is grooming her to be the next Artist and Repertoire Representative at Blue Night Records. He explains that if the current holder of the position bad boy Damon Andros can clean up his act he will stay with the company and Brenna will get a different promotion; if not he is fired and she his replacement.

With some doubts, Benna goes to Vegas to spend seven days under Damon’s tutelage. While her professional life is on the fast track of success, Brenna sings to herself “You don’t need a man”, but if she could have one it would be Damon. As they spend seven days together, Damon introduces Benna to SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN, his style. She falls in love with her mentor, but fears once he learns the truth that his job was at risk and she stayed silent, he will dump her; but if she informs him, he will drop her anyway as Damon goes through women like potato chips.

This heated week in Sin City is driven by the needs, desires, and libidos of the lead couple who evolve over the course of their seven nights together. Whereas Benna proves his equal in the bedroom and an enthusiastic student on the job and at night, Damon realizes he has found his partner and wants to sing a lifetime duet with her. When he learns the truth, he obviously leaves feeling "fu*ked by her and love. Fans will relish their erotic SEVEN NIGHTS OF SIN contemporary romance as work and play make for a stronger relationship.

Harriet Klausner

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