Sunday, May 11, 2008

Running Wild-Sarah McCarty

Running Wild
Sarah McCarty
Berkley, Jun 2008, $14.00
ISBN: 9780425221501

“Donovan” needs to persuade his cousin Wyatt to come home as his father the pack's alpha is dying. At a bar, he meets his soul mate Lisa who was pounding the crap out of male crap for harming her younger sister Robin.

“Kelon” arrives to help his brother Donovan to convince Wyatt it is time to come home. When Kelon meets Robin he knows she is his soulmate, but some sh*thead took her virginity and hurt her emotionally so she is reluctant to be with any man.

“Wyatt” returns to his pack with his two cousins, their mates and a third sister Heather, who is his soul mate. However, like Donovan and Kelon, he must choose between the woman he loves and his pack as humans are taboo.

The three interrelated novellas provide werewolf romance fans with a strong heated collection. The story line is fast-paced whether each of the pairs are coupling or in dangerous scenarios. Fans will be RUNNING WILD with Sarah McCarty and her pack who make this fantasy romantic compilation a fun read.

Harriet Klausner

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