Monday, March 3, 2008

Her Every Pleasure-Gaelen Foley

Her Every Pleasure
Gaelen Foley
Ballantine, Apr 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780345496690

In 1818 with the assassinations of her male family members, Princess Sophia prays the English government will keeps its word to place her on the throne of Kavros though she expects them to use a tight leash on her if they do; her people need the leadership. She also knows the superpowers want to control the small strategically placed island chain off Greece that allows domination of the Mediterranean. However right now she needs shelter as her enemies are coming for her and if they catch her she is at best dead and at worst their token ruler-prisoner. She finds a barn that she feels will give her some temporary respite. However, the farm’s owner Gabriel Knight catches her. Initially assuming he at a minimum he will toss her off his property, Gabriel instead believes his brother sent her to him as a present to help him reconnect with people after his harrowing military experience.

Sophia pretends to be the gift and quickly believes she has stumbled on to her soul-mate. He, in turn, finds his attraction to her brings him back to life. As he learns more about her dire straits, Gabriel shows why he was the Iron major in India until the atrocities he condoned by not interceding ripped his heart apart; she has mended his broken heart.

The latest Knight sibling saga (see HIS WICKED KISS and HER OWN DESIRE) is an excellent Regency romance with a strong base being the rivalry between the various superpowers to control Kavros. Sophia is a fascinating lead female who believes she must go home to help her beleaguered people, but she has not been on the islands in seventeen years having been exiled when she was four. Major Gabriel is the right hero at the right moment as he not only finds love, he finds redemption. Fans will relish this strong early nineteenth century romantic thriller.

Harriet Klausner

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