Thursday, March 13, 2008

French Kissing-Nancy Warren

French Kissing
Nancy Warren
Harlequin Blaze, Apr 2008, $4.99
ISBN: 9780373793938

Manhattan based fashion editor of highly regarded Uptown magazine Kimberley “Kimi” Renton is in Paris to cover couture week. To her chagrin at Simone’s gala she is stuck with a guy who makes Colombo look like a fashion plate; private investigator Holden MacGregg is working undercover poorly pretending to be a Minneapolis Daily Tribune photojournalist while trying to expose a fashion crime ring. The guy had to be wearing his grandfather’s tweed coat worn by the older male when he was the age of the younger man and jeans that would make the designers turn ill.

Kimi believes the schlep will be the one exposed unless he undergoes a makeover. He proves to be a hunk out of GQ and soon shows he is a hunk in the nude when they share her bed. As they fall in love, both understand the case comes before the romance, but they have FRENCH KISSING and more interludes to fill in the time.

FRENCH KISSING is a fun romantic suspense starring two amiable protagonists as Kimi becomes a big fan of the Carlyle theory that clothing makes the man when Mac changes from Neanderthal reject into GQ centerfold. The undercover sleuthing is as entertaining as the under cover romance. Readers will appreciate Nancy Warren’s Americans rendition of we “love Paris in the Spring time”.

Harriet Klausner

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