Monday, February 18, 2008

My Immortal Protector-Jen Holling

My Immortal Protector
Jen Holling
Pocket, Mar 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416525851

In 1597 renowned healer William MacKay has found happiness with healer Rose MacDonell (see MY SHADOW WARRIOR), but his daughter Deidra suffers horrific nightmares due to her “gift”. She is an animal whisperer who feels the pain of those begging her for help. Every day she suffers her burden praying for silence.

Twelve years later, Deidra cannot take the cries anymore that leave her growling and whimpering. She knows of the myth of how her skill was formed by an ancient pact between her ancestors and a vampire and that only the vampire can remove the curse and make her normal. Her hope lies with a crippled recluse who will see no one as Stephen Ross bitterly hides from society inside his damp remote castle. Deidra breaks down his fortifications with her enthusiasm and need. He agrees to help her on her quest to find the one who can bring her salvation. Neither understands as they begin their journey that an easier path paved by their love is available if they take a chance.

Following up on the super MacDonell Brides romantic fantasy trilogy (see MY DEVILISH SCOTSMAN and MY WICKED HIGHLANDER), Jen Holling continues the saga with the fantastic tale of Deidra. Readers will feel empathy for the beleaguered lead couple especially Deidra with her special bond to animals that haunts her. The story line enchants the audience as Ms. Holling makes her world seem plausible while her fans will enjoy seeing what happened to Deidra’s dad and stepmom in the dozen years since their story was told. Sub-genre readers will relish the next generation saga.

Harriet Klausner

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