Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Blood-L.A. Banks

Bad Blood
L.A. Banks
St. Martin’s, Apr 2008, $6.99
ISBN: 9780312949112

Most humans remain ignorant to the fact that the Columbia Disaster twenty-five years ago was caused by supernaturals turning against each other. The US military said the drug cartels went crazy and that was why blood ran down the streets like an overflowing river. Sasha Trudeau is part of a Black-Ops organization that consists of people with the werewolf virus in their system, but none has Turned due to the meds they take. Their mission is to prevent werewolves being captured by other nations besides America because werewolf and human DNA merge into a super soldier.

On an operation in Korea, the werewolf Shogun tells Sasha that the dangerous lycans are demon infested while the rest of the species is harmless and in control of the change. Sasha is unaware that her superiors already know that and are trying to breed a super soldier. When the Alpha in her group Turns, Sasha kills him; later she meets Max Hunter, a shadow wolf who is a different species. He insists she is part of his clan and they cannot be infested by demon blood. Both feel the attraction between them and a relationship develops, but she must fight the military who are committing atrocities against humanity and needs the help of her lover if she hopes to succeed.

Book one of the Crimson Moon novels, BAD BLOOD is a fantastic urban fantasy filled with action, intrigue, betrayal, double dealing and plenty of mano a fema as well as romance. The compelling story line uses the concept of the forces of good and evil vying for supremacy with the malevolent side cleverly disguising their activity as altruistic. The protagonists struggle to survive as there are traitors within the were, human, and shadow communities. L.A. Banks provides a spine tingling supernatural thriller that shows why her fans always clamor for more.

Harriet Klausner

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