Sunday, January 6, 2008

Windswept-Ann Macela

Ann Macela
Medallion, Feb 2008, $7.95
ISBN: 9781933836348

His beloved late granddaddy Edgar Jamison before he died told Davis to “Protect the records”. Granddaddy also selected history professor Dr. Barrett Browning to classify the documents that go back to the early nineteenth century and write from them the definitive papers on Windswept Plantation in St. Gregoryville, Louisiana.

Davis hesitates handing over documents that potentially expose their antecedents to scandal, but he heeds his late granddaddy’s words that “She’s the One” while his cousin Lloyd vocally objects feeling skeletons should remain buried. However, Davis, a successful venture capitalist, owns the boxes of papers as his grandfather trusted him to do the right thing; he decides to go with the professor who admits she hopes her work on Windswept leads to tenure. However, attracted to one another from the first meeting in Houston, Barrett and Davis fall in love even while she uncovers a dark truth in 1830 journal amidst the papers that apparently Lloyd wants buried at all cost.

WINDSWEPT is an engaging romantic suspense thriller that highlights 1830 plantation life in the Bayou through several journal entries weaved throughout the narrative. The key to the well written story line is the romance is for the most part kept on the back burner to slowly simmer into love; that enables the deep look by the professor into the Jamison family tree to serve as the prime plot. Although a late suspense seems a bit over the top; fans will enjoy this fine comparative look at the past and present residents of WINDSWEPT.

Harriet Klausner

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