Saturday, January 12, 2008

Torrent Falls-Jan Watson

Torrent Falls
Jan Watson
Tyndale, Feb 2008, $12.99
ISBN: 9781414314730

In 1888 widow Copper Brown Corbett returns to her home in Troublesome Creek, Kentucky accompanied by her almost two years old baby Lilly Gray. Her daddy deeded Copper his rundown farm; she plans to turn it around and make a home for her and her daughter as she seeks solace after the tragedy that sent her home.

Her neighbor John Pelfrey wants to court Copper as he has always loved her; they were once sweethearts but she gave her love to another and believes she will never love again. Copper readapts to the hilly countryside providing midwife services to the nearby women. Her faith in the Lord keeps her strong as she thanks him (and their Mammaw) for sending two young siblings Dimmert and Darcy to help her on the farm. John remains persistent, but as she begins to fall in love, Copper realizes he hides something from her that once she knows the truth will end their relationship.

The third Troublesome Creek Americana tale (see TROUBLESOME CREEK – read and WILLOW SPRINGS – not read) is an interesting look at life in the late nineteenth century in the Eastern Kentucky hill country series. The story line focuses on Copper as she proves she can take care of herself and her daughter while tending to the ill and working the farm. She is a terrific character while John provides a tangled strong love interest. However, the tale is stolen by the two farmhand siblings and their horde of others D siblings plus Ezra (“not Dezra”) as they vividly bring out the locale. Readers will enjoy the latest entry in a strong historical saga.

Harriet Klausner

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