Monday, September 24, 2007

Warrior’s Bride-Gerri Russell

Warrior’s Bride
Gerri Russell
Leisure, Oct 2007, $6.99
ISBN: 9780843959840

In 1372 on the Isle of St. Kilda, Scotland, Lady Isobel Grange understands the power of the Seer's Stone as she saw first hand in the tower they shared how it eventually drove her mother insane. Isobel’s greatest fear is that the stone will drive her mad too. Apparently, the Stone demands Isobel marry Douglas Stewart, known as the Black Wolf of Scotland.

However, besides having no plans to wed anyone ever as he believes their line needs to end with him, Douglas would never heed his abusive father’s demand that he marry Isobel. Still he feels it is only right to tell her in person that he will not be her husband. However, whether it is the Stone or just his heart, Douglas finds he wants her. She, in turn, is stunned because she has never been attracted to anyone before. As they fall in love, their families and the Seer’s Stone manipulate them leading to a potentially deadly schism between Douglas and Isobel.

Gerri Russell’s second medieval romance (see THE WARRIOR TRAINER) is an exciting paranormal historical that sub-genre fans will want to read soonest due to the likable star-crossed lovers. Readers will cheer for Douglas and Isobel who have plenty to overcome if they are to make together. Isobel is especially a fascinating character as she fears she will ultimately follow her mother’s path into lunacy that she witnessed even as her mom battled to remain sane for her daughter. Ms. Russell provides a fresh look at fourteenth century Scottish romances.

Harriet Klausner

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