Monday, September 3, 2007

The Flyer-Marjorie Jones

The Flyer
Marjorie Jones
Medallion, Sep 2007, $7.95
ISBN: 9781933836225

In Port Hedand, Australia, Great War Lighthorse Regiment veteran Paul Campbell, believing this is one of his duties, dives into the water to battle Bessie the killer croc. He wins the watery skirmish killing the rogue, but suffers a severe wound. His best friend Tim takes Paul to see Dr. Richard Mallory to tend to the croc’s bite. Instead of Dr. Mallory, twenty-four years old Helen Stanwood answers their knock. She explains she is a doctor from San Francisco whose father is a friend of Dr. Mallory. Dr. Stanwood expertly stitches up the wound.

Paul courts Helen, who seems attracted to him, but rejects his advances. She is still suffering the burn of Reginald’s rejection back in California. However, as Paul flies her all over the Outback to provide medical service to the needy and allows her to drive his motor car, they fall in love, but neither is ready to commit to the relationship demanded by such a strong emotion.

The sequel to the delightful historical THE LIGHT HORSEMAN, THE FLYER also soars as Marjorie Jones takes her audience back to post WWI Australia. The picturesque story line provides readers with a deep look at the Outback approximately in 1920 when medicine and doctors needed planes to reach the many spread out living there. The lead couple is a fine pairing of two likable protagonists who fear love and permanency. Historical romance readers will appreciate this fine early twentieth century tale of love between the expatriate American doctor and her war veteran pilot.

Harriet Klausner

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