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The Search For Sunlei-H.L. Grandin

The Search For Sunlei

H.L. Grandin

Acorn Book Services, Apr 22 2014, $14.99

ISBN: 9780991583003


Five years ago, understanding the Promise of two potential outcomes, Tyoga Weathersby sent his beloved Sunlei away to keep her safe from the South Fork Shawnee.  While Sunlei lived in the Iroquois village of Kanaitaro, Ty became respected in English and Cherokee circles, and with Trinity Jane has two young kids residing at Twin Oaks in Virginia. 


The Promise whispers to Ty that his Sunlei needs rescuing from vicious Iroquois Chief Quisquis, who with French support reigns supreme in Ohio.  Over the objection of his pregnant mate, Ty, his brother Tes Qua and his planation overseer Brister head to Tuskareegee to drop off supplies.  Afterward, Brister returns to the planation.  Ty and Tes Qua meet dying Standing Bird who tells them that the French and Iroquois are aware of the British army coming to attack them.  Ty continues with the rescue while Tes Qua goes to Albany to warn the British.  As he heads towards Kanaitaro, Ty visits his mother for the first time in five years.  She berates him for not coming home with his family of whom she never met, and tells him he misused the Promise when he slaughtered several Indians.  Sad Ty knows she is right as he struggles to contain his demons, but treks on with his quest.


The second The Legend of Tyoga Weathersby is an exciting Pre Revolutionary War drama.  The leisurely-pace vivid storyline provides a deeper look at the Promise and enables the reader to feel they are on the journey; while his mate and mother rip skin from the hero that keeps him humanly grounded.  The Search For Sunlei is a strong mid eighteenth century Colonial America historical.


Harriet Klausner


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