Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed-Anna Campbell

Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed

Anna Campbell

Forever, Sep 25 2012, $5.99

ISBN: 9781455512072

In 1826 Sidonie Forsythe arrives at Castle Craven on the South Devon Coast during a terrible storm. Jonas Merrick expected Sidonie’s sister Roberta to arrive to pay off her gambling debts. Sidonie says she is payment while stating he lured her older sibling into a trap to get back at Roberta’s husband Lord Hillbrook. He gives her credit as she does not cringe at his severely scarred face like all the females including her sibling do. Jonas welcomes his gift of seven nights with an innocent in his bed.

Sidonie shocks him with her courage, which stirs conflicting feelings as Jonas wants her but his heart that he thought died with the curse says to protect her not use her. She is stunned as the infamous monster is a caring lonely person. As they reveal their darkest secrets and cherished desires, enemies arrive at Castle Craven to destroy him; as he knows now he has an Achilles’ Heel they can deploy, but it is a secret she kept from him that has greater power of ending what they forged over a week.

The first Sons of Sin late Regency romance is a delightful retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The lead couple is a wonderful pairing in a gothic setting (storm included). Sub-genre fans will enjoy the gender war between the innocent and the gilded as love levels the playing field.

Harriet Klausner

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