Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Melt Into You-Lisa Plumley

Melt Into You

Lisa Plumley

Zebra, May 1 2012, $6.99

ISBN: 9781420122114

A decade ago, Damon Torrance hired recently married Natasha Jennings as his administrative assistant. Over the years he took her for granted as she made his firm Torrance Chocolates a powerhouse while extracting him from his sexcapades and other foibles. Now a single mom, she has hidden how she feels about him until Natasha realizes she cannot any longer deal with falling in love as her first time ended poorly. Natasha quits.

He is shocked by her departure. However, Damon is unprepared for a string of back luck while Natasha is on a roll. Somehow he believes she left with his luck and he needs her back. With his house flooded Damon persuades Natasha to let him stay for now. While he plans to behave, she plans to have her way with him.

With a nod to the secondary romance in The Duchess of Idaho, Melt Into You is a charming lighthearted romp. The fun in the tale is “demon” Damon’s attempts to behave while now naughty Natasha has other ideas. Fans will enjoy this amusing tale of mojo lost and regained (maybe) if each embraces their love.

Harriet Klausner

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