Friday, November 18, 2011

How the Marquess Was Won- Julie Anne Long

How the Marquess Was Won

Julie Anne Long

Avon, Dec 27 2011, $7.99

ISBN: 9780061885693

Six weeks earlier Phoebe Vale, a tutor at Miss Marietta Endicott’s Academy, receives a note from her former student Lisbeth Redmond which invites her to stay at her family home as a paid companion. While Phoebe reads the note at Postlethwaite’s Shop, Dryden enters followed by Waterburn. The latter bets the former he cannot get a kiss from the “unkissable” teacher. Jules ignores him as he thinks of his late dad who left the estate in ruin and scandal. He has behaved perfectly as he bought back the land with one estate left; from his mom’s dowry owned by Isaiah Redmond.

Jules arrives at the academy to see if it is suited for his niece who has alienated her third stepmom. Phoebe shows him the place, while exchanging innuendoes and retorts with the Marquess. She offers him ten pounds to pay Waterburn if he would get over the kiss. He is shocked by her attitude, but enjoys her friskiness and intelligence. She assumes he is going to Redmond to court Lisbeth. At Redmond, Phoebe tells Jules her parents left when she was ten years old. She met Charybdis the cat and they adopted each other. A benefactor got her into the academy as a student. Jules tells her he wants her as his mistress, but she assumes while Lisbeth is spousal acceptability she wants to be his wife; nothing less is acceptable by her.

The latest Pennyroyal Green (see What I Did for a Duke) historical romance is delightful amusing entry with a solid cast; especially humorous is the Marquess’ fashion sense satirizing the Ton. Although the plot is straightforward and thin, readers will enjoy the fun in getting there.

Harriet Klausner

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