Friday, July 29, 2011

Naomi’s Gift: An Amish Christmas Story-Amy Clipston

Naomi’s Gift: An Amish Christmas Story
Amy Clipston
Zondervan, Sep 12 2011, $14.99
ISBN: 9780310327356

Widower Caleb Schmucker accompanied by his eight year old daughter Susie leaves Ohio to spend time with his sister Sadie Kauffman and her family in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania on the anniversary of his wife Barbara’s death in a horrid accident. His daughter asks him to stop at a farmer’s market so they can pick up a pie for her Aenti Sadie. Inside the market, Susie vanishes from Caleb’s sight giving him a heart attack until he finds her discussing quilts with Naomi King. He likes how kind the woman is with his daughter whose late mom was into quilting.

His family and friends want the buggy maker to stay. His sibling tries to hook him up with Irene Wagler whose father owns Wagler’s Buggies in Intercourse. However, he is attracted to Naomi whose reputation for chasing after men (Timothy Kauffman in A Place of Peace) and Luke Troyer in A Promise of Hope) makes her unacceptable to his sister. However, it is the way Naomi treats Susie that has him willing to take a second chance on love.

With ties through the secondary characters to the Kauffman Amish Bakery series, Naomi’s Gift is a warm second and third chance at love Amish romance. The secondary characters are critical to the delightful story line with Sadie interfering, Susie “choosing” and Irene uninterested in the daughter. Readers will enjoy this Amish Christmas Story as the way to a widower’s heart is through loving his daughter too.

Harriet Klausner

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