Friday, June 10, 2011

Burning Down the Spouse-Dakota Cassidy

Burning Down the Spouse
Dakota Cassidy
Berkley, Jul 5 2011, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425241080

In Riverbend, New Jersey, when Frankie Bennett learns her spouse of eighteen years TV Chef Mitch of Mitch in the Kitchen is cheating on her she explodes on national TV. He divorces her leaving her with a broken down car and Kiki the dog due to the pre-nuptial agreement that gives her nada. Suffering from depression she remains in bed in her Aunt Gail’s retirement apartment when Maxine Barker arrives, insisting Frankie not let a SOB like Mitch ruin her life.

Maxine takes Frankie to the Greek Meets Eat Diner where owner Nikos Antonakus interviews her. He insists he has no idea who she is or who Mitch is. He hires her even if she cannot boil water. His brother Cosmos lectures him for lying to Frankie, but he says he owes Maxine and likes Gail. Nikos actually cheered for Frankie when she ripped Mitch’s head off on TV. Mitch calls the diner to speak to Frankie. Nikos’ mama Voula mentions Bad Mitch to Frankie who refuses to speak to Mitch. As Nikos and Frankie fall in love, someone helps Bad Mitch steal Voula’ secret meat loaf recipe; Nikos blames Frankie.

The second Ex-Trophy Wives contemporary romance (see You Dropped a Blonde on Me) is an enjoyable story line that remains almost exclusively focused on the prime plot of the lead female returning to life after a major depression. The ensemble cast is solid with diverse personalities and even includes a secondary romance. Although unethical behavior and poor hurtful judgments are forgiven too easily, readers will enjoy Frankie finds her groove.

Harriet Klausner

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