Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Warrior of the Isles-Debbie Mazzuca

Warrior of the Isles
Debbie Mazzuca
Zebra, May 1 2011, $6.99
ISBN: 9781420110067

In 1592 on the Isle of Lewis, Scottish Laird Aidan MacLeod struggles to insure his clan is fed and sheltered. The Highlander loathes the fae for what they did to his family; as affirmed whenever he looks at his out of control half-breed younger brother, Lachlan.

Fae Princess Syrena arrives to escort Lachlan to the Enchanted Isles. However, she is taken aback when her charge refuses to go with her. Worse Syrena is attracted to the protective big brother who wants her too. That is until he learns what she is as his racism accentuated by her duplicity in concealing her heritage and mission angers him. When someone kidnaps Lachlan the human and the fae unite to try to save the lad and soon find much more.

The latest Isles historical romantic fantasy (see Lord of the Isles) is a wonderful tale. The lead couple is a super pairing as he loathes the Fae but to his chagrin falls in love with one; while she distrusts mortals, but to her chagrin falls in love with a mortal. Filled with action, the dueling protagonists put aside their disdain and desire to try and rescue Lachlan. Warrior of the isles is a winner.

Harriet Klausner

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