Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Woman Called Sage-DiAnn Mills

A Woman Called Sage
DiAnn Mills
Zondervan, May 1 2010, $12.99
ISBN: 9780310293293

In 1875 in Colorado, Sage and Charles love one another deeply. They look forward to their first child. However, four dirty gunmen who apparently know Charles arrive at their ranch demanding money. The leader shoots and kills Charles; Sage memorizes the face of the only one talking before he shoots her.

Two years later, Sage thanks Tall Elk for teaching her how to hunt the predators who killed her husband and her unborn, and left her for dead. She vows one day justice will be served her style as she becomes a bounty hunter.

By 1882 Sage has made little progress in finding the face that haunts her nightmares. She learns of Aiden McCaw and his murderous brothers killing a rancher near Rocky Falls. With Hawk she captures Aiden who threatens her and knew Charles, but she takes him to Marshal Parker Timmons. He is at the funeral of his murdered brother; killed by Aidan’s siblings. His nephews Davis and John are missing while his ribs are broken by the brothers as a warning. Still Sage and Parker go after the killers praying they can rescue the two youngsters. As the pair ignores their attraction because the kids come first, each will find their past catching up to them.

This is a superb western romance starring a unique heroine and a tough lawman. The support cast is solid as the townsfolk especially the Preacher, Hawk and the vile villains augment the plot, while the exciting story line is enhanced by the mystery of why Charles was murdered. Still the title character brings a special avenging redemption making A Woman called Sage a strong Reconstruction Era tale.

Harriet Klausner

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