Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tease Me-Tracy Wolff

Tease Me
Tracy Wolff
Heat, Apr 2010, $15.00
ISBN: 9780451229250

Byron Hawthorne fantasizes about the unknown author of the blog What a Girl Wants. He has no idea who she is, but wants to meet her as she has fired up his imagination.

Writer Lacey Richards has given up on men as they cheat and lie. Instead she uses her blog What A Girl Wants to describe her desires, especially her sexual fantasies, as her release. When Byron learns his neighbor who he also has dreamed about is the blogger he has wanted to meet, he challenges Lacey to allow him the opportunity to fulfill her dreams, which he admits will begin to satiate his own fire. However, someone else has a dark interest in the author of What A Girl Wants and in Lacey's research into prostitution; that individual begins a dangerous stalking.

This heated blogging romance with some late suspense is an entertaining erotica that will remind readers what Miss Manners has warned people: be careful with what you put out about yourself on social networks and blogs. The relationship between the neighbors is hot, hotter, and ultimately hottest to the delight of fans; while the suspense subplot adds danger (and a major reason for blogging caution) to a wonderful modern day erotica.

Harriet Klausner

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