Friday, September 4, 2009

Bed of Roses-Nora Roberts

Bed of Roses
Nora Roberts
Berkley, Oct 27 2009, $16.00
ISBN: 9780425230077

In Greenwich, Connecticut the four best friends (Mac, Emma,Laurel, and Parker) used to play as children together pretending to be a bride. Now they run Vows, a wedding planning business together. Mac has met her forever English teacher, Carter Maguire (see VISION IN WHITE) to the elation of her BFFs as the couple is now engaged.

Florist Emma wonders if her long time buddy architect Jack Cooke is her forever man
as she thinks a lot about him. Deciding not to wait, Emma kisses Jack to his astonishment. Even more shocking, he wants more kisses from her as does the florist. As they fall in love, each has doubts as they fear the end of a wonderful friendship, but those kisses heat up New England.

The second Bride Quartet tale is a warm straightforward contemporary romance with no surprising twists or spins for readers. The story line is well written and entertaining as the lead couple from (BED OF ROSES and VSION IN WHITE) as well as the two remaining buddies from Vows seem real and make for a fun simplistic romance. Nora Roberts has handed out
to her readers two exquisite bouquets with two to go.

Harriet Klausner

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