Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holding Out for a Hero-Ana Leigh

Holding Out for a Hero
Ana Leigh
Pocket, May 26 2009, $6.99
ISBN: 9781416551386

In 1874 Arizona Rico Fraser is leaving his civilian work for the army to go home to California to visit family though he remains obsessed over one thing; killing cold-blooded gunslinger Ben Slatter. The psychopath, along with his outlaw gang assaulted his mother. Rico has no time for the needs of some obstinate female he meets; instead, he remains fixated on his mission except for a small break to go home.

When Slatter kidnaps that stubborn female Jennifer Burke and her Aunt Andrea; Rico sets out to rescue her before the gang rapes, tortures and kills them. His plan is to save the women and kill the psychopath and as much of the odious gangbangers as he can. However, when he rescues then without completing his quest, he must dump her fast though he also wants her. Jennifer is attracted to him when he acts kind and not when he is a bully. However both reject desire as he remains married to killing his mother’s murderer and she does not want an obstinate gunslinger even if justice is on his side.

The latest Fraser brother western romance (see HIS BOOTS UNDER HER BED, THE LAWMAN SAID I DO and THE FRASERS: CLAY) is an entertaining Americana tale that is filled with non-stop action especially in the first half and throughout a gender war. Although the plot somewhat decelerates after the incredible opening pace, the lead couple’s bickering which started from their first meeting keeps the story line fun to read. Fans will enjoy this Fraser family reunion as Rico assumes that Jennifer is a pampered American princess and Jennifer assumes Rico is a gun-slinging bounty hunter.

Harriet Klausner

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