Friday, April 24, 2009

Seducing an Angel-Mary Balogh

Seducing an Angel
Mary Balogh
Dell, May 2009, $23.00
ISBN: 9780385341059

Widow Cassandra Belmont needs a wealthy lover with a high peerage as a protector immediately if she is to survive the accusations that she murdered her spouse; she also vows that marriage is out of the question as once was enough. Watching how kind he is to his sisters, she chooses Lord Stephen Huxtable, who is rich, nice and a hunk.

Cassandra plans to seduce the top catch of the season. Stephen is excited when he first sees the siren, but refuses to bow to her terms of engagement as he has his own. The two argue over the rules until they share the greatest night in either of their lives. Cassandra fears her heart is owned by Stephen, but she can never have him permanently as scandal is her name. Stephen is reconsidering what he wants as he no longer is thinking mistress, but instead wants her as his wife though he fears she will never trust again especially since he investigates what happened to her and her spouse.

The fourth Huxtable Regency romance is a fast-paced tale of an independent widow going after what she desires while her choice reciprocates unaware of why she rejects marriage. Mary Balogh digs deep into the effect of alcoholism and spousal violence on the victim who also contends emotionally with a miscarriage. The lead characters especially the profound brave heroine and their evolving relationship make for an intriguing finish to the saga though the ending feels rushed. Still the Huxtable family saga has been an entertaining Regency series.

Harriet Klausner

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