Sunday, March 8, 2009

Riding on Instinct-Jaci Burton

Riding on Instinct
Jaci Burton
Berkley, Apr 2009, $15.00
ISBN: 9780425226452

In New Orleans rookie DOJ agent Shadoe Grayson is assigned her first undercover mission as a stripper at the Wild Rose Club where a DEA agent is tipping off the Columbian cartel whenever a sting is set; she will identify the betrayer. The rogue has insider information so DEA has gone outside to expose him or her. Wild Riders operative Spencer “Spence” King, who will also work at the club takes one look at his new partner Shadoe and tells his boss General Lee, she is no stripper as her clothes look like prim and proper justice department while strippers wear less to church.

Shadoe shocks Spence when she proves a natural on the stage. As she gives him private lap dances, they fall in love; but nether understands what love means as Spence and Shadoe never was the recipient of this emotion before. Still the case comes first as one slip of her stiletto could mean death.

The latest Wild Riders romantic suspense thriller (see RIDING WILD and RIDING TEMPTATION) is a fun tale that starts off with quite an opening sequence as Spence strips skin off of Shadoe when he insists she is no stripper. Their volatile relationship takes off from there at times overwhelming the mission. Shadoe proves to be quite the competent stripper although her professional skills at striptease seem unrealistic yet entertaining. Still fans will enjoy the undercover duo working together to expose the DEA traitor while struggling to comprehend the alien feeling of love as each wants to know who possesses their mind and heart; they know who possesses their body.

Harriet Klausner

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