Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forbidden The Revolution-Samantha Sommersby

Forbidden The Revolution
Samantha Sommersby
Linden Bay, Mar 2008
ISBN: 9781602020917

Dominie Byron Renfield asks his preternatural Special Forces detective son Dell to learn whether police officer Alexandra Sanchez is the lost Chosen one stolen twenty-five years ago. He needs DNA to learn the truth and his offspring, still marveling how his dad arranged the transfer from Chicago to Los Angeles, promises he will obtain and send a sample.

Dell and Alex are attracted to one another, which should make it easier to go undercover in Las Vegas as a couple to prove that casino owner Raif is laundering drug money. In Vegas they obtain work at Raif’s casino, but Dell is stunned that the man is a vampire and holding Rita a sexual prisoner Rita who is a friend of his father. As the couple falls in love, she explains she remains a virgin because of a protective spell that does not allow anyone to mount her.

FORBIDDEN THE REVOLUTION is an exciting erotic paranormal romantic suspense in which the story can stand alone though newcomers like this reviewer will seek the previous entry FORBIDDEN THE AWAKENING. After a great foreplay buildup, the Vegas escapade is blown away too easily ending without much of a climax except in the boudoir (even with the spell these are clever touches by Samantha Sommersby who keeps the heat on) and no closure to the drug ring. The return home is thrilling and complemented with a couple of terrific spins as the past comes home to roost. Sub-genre fans will appreciate Samantha Sommersby strong entry as a vampire who has never drank blood from a human jugular and the probable chosen one who remains a virgin due to a succubus’ protection spell fall in love.

Harriet Klausner

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