Saturday, October 20, 2007

Made for Sex-Joan Elizabeth Lloyd

Made for Sex
Joan Elizabeth Lloyd
Kensington, Nov 2007, $15.00
ISBN: 9780758212771

“Sex For Sale”. Carla Barrett, a single mother of three, knows their ennui safe suburban lifestyle is great for her kids, but boring for her. However, following a sexual fantasy dream with a student leading to a Manhattan fender bender, her college roommate at Michigan State over fifteen years ago Ronnie Talmidge offers Carla a chance to have suburbia and the thrill of the big city as a high-priced prostitute. Initially hesitant Carla takes to the job a like fish to sea as she deals with different men and their sexual fantasies.

“Sex To Savor”. Under the pseudonym Nichole St. Michelle, Fran writes erotic tales that she herself has never tasted. However, she haw won a prestigious prize that will be awarded in Manhattan. Prim and proper Fran tours the city during the day while at night Nicki takes a sexual bite out of the apple.

These two well written erotic novellas star lead females in which each has an alterego sex machine with quite an appetite. Although some will question Carla disciplining her “students” in a teacher-student role play and her sexual dream causing a car accident, fans of XXX trysts will enjoy the antics of the two female’s attractions taking New York by the penis.

Harriet Klausner

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