Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Vampire Queen's Servant-Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill
Berkley Heat, Jul 2007, $14.00
ISBN: 9780425215906

Vampire Lady Elyssa Yamato Amaterasu Wentworth changed over a millennium ago. In Atlanta, she is upset because her loyal human servant Thomas has died. However, before his death, Thomas arranged for Jacob Green to take over his duties. Jacob informs his mistress that Thomas died peacefully with great affection for her.

Jacob is no Thomas as he is 200 proof alpha male, who has never been submissive in his entire life. He is unused to taking orders especially from a female while Lyssa has grown accustomed to giving direction after centuries of men bowing to her wishes. They are attracted to one another, but that passion for one another seems deeper than life. They begin to understand that they have shared pasts filled with love, but their destiny each time has been loneliness and death. Each prays that this time proves differently.

This vampire romance is hot, exciting, and grip the audience who will wonder which of the two alphas will be on top by the climax, if that is he survives that long. The story line is fast-paced as readers follow the antics of Lyssa and Jacob, who have been together twice before; a third time will prove the charm or his demise. Readers who appreciate a sensual fresh romantic fantasy will want to follow the relationship between THE VAMPIRE QUEEN’S SERVANT and his mistress.

Harriet Klausner

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